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Boletbanet is focusing mainly on medium-sized businesses.

In most cases, these businesses do not have the budget to enjoy the right marketing tools that can give their business the right boost.
This usually gives a serious advantage to competitors, where budget is not a problem.

Boletbanet offers budget-tailored marketing plans that will properly utilize your budget with one main focus – Your Profit.

Anyone can promise you “clicks” / “traffic” to your site.

  • What is the quality of those clicks?
  • How much did you pay for those clicks?
  • Did you see profit on those clicks or did the clicks cost more than they actually brought-in?
  • Did visitors spent a few seconds / 3 minutes on your site?
  • According to the follow-up report (custom-built for your business purposes) – are you at the end of a quarter at a profitable campaign? Or do you have the feeling that “it works”?
Profit-based strategic planning allows you to enjoy digital marketing that delivers results.

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Our Values

Your Budget

Managing a marketing budget is a big responsibility that comes with a huge commitment. Whether you are dealing with a 5-digit budget or you want to sell your cakes online (great ROI btw), with Boletbanet your budget will be treated as if it was our own.
After all, your success is our success.


Providing full access to customers, reports on a regular basis and change log.
Every cent that comes out has documentation, destination and a reason. All of my clients are constantly reminded that they are welcome to ask any question at any time.


There is a very important emphasis on constant contact and collaboration. At the beginning of our marketing relationship we will have to learn your business on all it's corners, the better we are familiar with it the more relevant results we can provide. Therefore, it is essential for us to be in constant contact and in full cooperation with each client.

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