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Dedicated Landing Pages

 What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that a user was directed to by one of our advertising channels such as:

  • Google search results
  • Ads from PPC campaign
  • A link on Facebook

And basically any traffic source that led them to our Web Page (landing page).

Different Types of Landing Pages

There are a few types of landing pages however they are mainly catagorized into the following forms :

  1. Click Through Page

This is the simplest form of a landing page. The sole purpose of such a landing page  is to show the user with the main features/benefits of your service / product.
A short description of the advantages and the relevance to the user (why does he need your service) all so he can proceed to the next stage and proceed to your website in order to complete his purchase or leave his details.

  1. Lead Generation

Also known as a “Squeeze Page”.

The main purpose is to capture the users details and make them fill in a contact form.

Usually will contain some kind of a “FREE” offer in exchange to the user’s details.
A free offer can be a free ebook, free webinar, 20% off on first purchase etc.

  1. Infomercial Page

Just as the name implies,
These landing pages often contain lots of text and images.
It uses a psychological elements in it’s writing to draw the user into reading more and more further down the page.
Once they are “invested” in reading so much it is most likely they will convert (leave details or make a purchase)

Imagine that you’ve decided to swim across a lake, once you’ve passed 50 % of the way you’re probably going to finish.
There is no sense in turning back.  

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  1. Micro Site

A micro-site is a small-scale website that completes your main website.
Usually they will consist of its own URL and content with a direct relevance to the time of the year / a current holiday / current promotion / an ad campaign etc.
The idea is to be relevant with design and content without making major changes to your main website. A great solution for Black Friday, Christmas, Elections, Movie review website etc.

5. Product detail page

This one is related to E commerce ( online shop).
It’s the product description page of your main website.

Note :  such a page will contain many distractions that might lead the user off-target (which is to purchase).

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A common mistake among advertisers and business owners

A lot of advertisers / business owners will send traffic to their main website instead of a designated landing page.

That is a huge mistake when it comes to getting conversions (results).

Why is that bad ?

With a main website there are many distractions that can lead the user off-target.
The whole idea of a landing page is to have 1 main purpose, hence to have the user preforming one main action (contact / purchase / download etc.).

A focused and dedicated landing page can measure the effectiveness of your campaign from the ad text to the content in your landing page and by doing so we can perform changes accordingly in order to maximize results (Optimization).

For example:

  • If no one is reaching to your landing page, it means that your advert campaign is not preforming well. So, you need to optimize your campaign.
  • If you do get traffic to your webpage but there are no conversions (purchases / leads etc.) than it means you need to optimize your landing page.


The idea is to create a long corridor that at the end of it there is only 1 door, that door is your conversion (sale / lead).

No distractions, 100% target-focused design.

A simple example for it :

עמוד נחיתה

You’re a plumber, and your website has a beautiful, cutting-edge design with all the modern elements, it has 7 pages full with content.
All of the above is nice to have however your main goal is to get the user to contact you for your services.

Your success rate is depended on 1 main issue – How easy it is for the user to contact you?

  • Does he have to find your number on the “contact us” page? Or does your number appear in every single page?
  • If the number is on every page, is it on the bottom or top of the pages? And what would be the best option according to your website statistics reported by Google Analytics?
  • Is the number clickable? Or the user has to copy-paste the number into his phone?
  • Does the number appear in the right color scheme? or is it blended into the background?

It is possible to continue and lay down dozens of other questions about your phone number,  but what about all the rest of the factors?

There are endless amounts of articles, case studies and research conducted by marketing geniuses around the world and it is clear that beyond the element of beauty, your landing page must be practical and designed according to your visitor’s needs and journey.

The web is constantly changing and adapting to changes.

What worked today might not work tomorrow.

The need of the right digital presence is a must for every business, small or big.

  • Want to know if your landing pages are designed right?
  • Interested in building a landing page “the right way”?

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